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1.31.14 - Lucas Oil official sponsors for 2014
                                   We are proud to welcome our new sponsors for 2014. We hope to keep them in our family for many years to come. Remember
                           to always show them the utmost respect. As part of our sponsorship, we are required to display their logo on all our vehicles. In order
                           to do this, all members must report to their local representative to pick up their sticker. You MUST have this sticker, and ours, before 
                           you will be allowed to attend any members only events. If you currently have our sticker displayed, you must collect your Lucas Oil
                           sticker, and affix it to your rig at your earliest convenience. On another note, please submit your lists of events you would like, and be 
                           able, to attend.
1.01.14 - Forum shutdown
                                   Due to the lack of use by members, the forum has been deactivated. There has been far too many spam bots, and far too few
                           legitamate users. What this means, is there was too much maintenence to be performed on a daily basis, for it to go unused. I had hoped
                           that some of you would be willing to begin posting, and read on current events. I attempted to keep all current items there to be voted 
                           upon, and listed for anyone who would be interested. In the meantime, the forum will not return unless there is enough of a popular 
                           demand for it. Likewise, the web radio channel has also been terminated. This, was also due to a lack of listeners, and an overabundance 
                           of people saavy enough to use the applet. It may return in the future, but highly unlikely.
1.31.11 - Database Failure
                                   Due to the recent rise in spammers on the forum, our database crashed. All records were lost, and all accounts deleted. Don't
                           be discouraged. Recently, we performed some maintenance and upgraded the system. I am still unaware as to what they did to cause
                           the system to fail. During a session, the system went down and was unable to be recovered. Something one of the spammers posted 
                           on a topic, caused the board to stop communicating with the SQL server. In addition, the SQL server denied all my permissions. The 
                           system had to be shut down, all information regaurding posts deleted, and reinitialized. During this process, the software was reset to 
                           the original settings. The board was removed, and reinstalled. While performing these duties, I proceeded to update the software. The
                           board is now back up. Be sure to remove any bookmarks you previously had, as the address has changed during the upgrade. This was 
                           an attempt to help stop the offenders from overloading the database. During the recent install, a lot of the previous problems have been
                           solved. The current version, is a lot more stable than the previous. Hopefully, this eliminates any future problems. Additionally, more 
                           security steps are in place. For this, I apologize. Thank you for your patience. I will continue to bring the board back up to a more
                           user friendly environment. New board location: www.fullthrottle-orc.com/forum  
11.22.10 - Network Failure?
                                   It would seem our network was unable to contend with the extra work capacity. Recently, our podcast server crashed.
                           We have been working diligently to resolve the issue, with no success. Before long, our network will be shut down for an undetermined
                           amount of time. What does this mean to you? Nothing. This is merely a shut down of our network, not our server. All of our services will
                           still be available to some extent. The live broadcast, feeds, and channels will not be updated or functioning. The radio station will continue
                           to not operate, and the rest will not be updated, until the issue is resolved. Essentially, we are performing upgrades and maintenance.
                           You can still reach us via phone, but the email service will be down as well, as it is part of the network. The 800 number will still be
                           functioning, but some of the others will not. This is due in part, to the numbers being controlled via VoIP. Without the network, the
                           VoIP system will be down. Check back soon, for more updates.   
1.22.10 - Forestry service denies appeal on Tellico
                                   After careful consideration by the forestry service, and several environmental impact studies, Tellico remains closed. The
                            forestry service said, they will not be reversing their decision to close upper Tellico. It was quoted by the BRC (Blue Ribbon 
                            Coalition),  "We remain committed to restoring some form of meaningful vehicle recreation at Tellico, will carefully review the 
                            appeal decisions, and will take appropriate next steps". For now, the future of Tellico remains sealed behind a padlocked gate
                            with a "closed" sign. As a community, we need to ban together with organizations like the BRC and Tread Lightly. Perhaps some  
                            day, future generations may be able to enjoy the expirience we call "Tellico".   
1.14.10 - Full Throttle chat online
                                   We now have a chat service available to all who are interested. This service is free for all who would like to use it. This service
                            is to complement our other services. In the future, we hope to continue to expand what we offer you. These are all ways to say 
                            thank you, for the support that has been given to us. This will be a LIVE chat window, accessable to everyone across the web. 
                            We leave this open, so others may ask for advice. The forum is used as an integral part of the home page, where we can post
                            event information, and technical data. The chat can be used as a more recreational applet. This room does not have to contain  
                            specific event information, or tech. But, it is encouraged to help those who may need it. This will offer a way for our members to
                            converse live. You can find the new room at www.fullthrottle-orc.com/chat   
10.14.09 - Tellico closed!
                                   Another of the wheeling worlds, staple areas has been closed. The trail was closed to ALL access by the US forestry service
                            due to erosion. The erosion to Tellico's trails is depositing unacceptable amounts of sediments into the Tellico river, as well as all 
                            it's tributaries. While the 39 miles of OHV trails are closed, the forestry service said it will keep the 13 miles of their service roads 
                            open for highway legal vehicle access. This decision was made permanent, as so the forestry service can restore the land and prevent
                            further erosion. While this area is no longer available for public use, the forestry service encourages use of some of the other public  
                            use lands. There are currently several organizations trying to save the Tellico ORV trail systems. For more information regarding
                            this tragety to wheelers everywhere, visit http://www.tellico4x4.com/tellico-info-main.php
9.29.09 - Full Throttle videos on YouTube
                                   We now have a channel on YouTube. All of our videos will be uploaded here in the future. The videos that will be uploaded
                            will all be ones recorded from events in which we attend. There will be videos from time to time that will be uploaded merely because 
                            they are deemed interesting. Such as ones where we may be testing equipment, or an impromptu session. These videos are openly 
                            available for all of the public to see. So, always be aware of the camera if you do not want to be on the web. Not all of the videos
                            will be an event (such as a competition), or a recording from the trail. Some will be posted of something remedial, merely for the 
                            banter that can be heard from the people involved. Feel free to see our videos at www.youtube.com/ftorc1 or via the new button
                            on the main page, which will be available soon.   
9.21.09 - Launch of new forum software
                                   The official launch of the new forum was today. The new forum is powered by phpbb. This popular forum software is used by
                            dozens of some of the biggest forums. It has a simple user interface, and does permit the posting of pictures. As far as I am aware,
                            it is capable of posting links. There is a topic for posting of your wheeling videos. For this to happen, you may need to link to your 
                            Youtube page. Profanity, obscenity, or indecent material will not be tolerated. Use of such things, will result in the termination of your
                            account. For questions concerning your new services, please contact your local representative.   
9.20.09 - New studio?
                                   We are officially moving the location of the Full Throttle Radio studio, and headquarters of FTORC. There will be interuption in
                            service, for which we apologize. This will only be temporary, until we have the new studio in order and running at peak efficiency. This
                            is to help optimize our quality of broadcasting. The new studio will help permit multiple shows to broadcast from a single location. It
                            will also add to the reliability of the server. There will be a new computer system installed, that will be a dedicated system. This means
                            the current, portable, multi use problems will no longer present a problem. This will keep the station on air, while there is still a portable unit 
                            to permit remote broadcasts. Along with this studio, there is a possibility of at least 4 new shows beginning October 2nd of this year.
                            We are still working on the quality of the audio, and this is due to the generic nature of the broadcaster. The large breaks in the broadcast
                            will eventually be resolved with the installation of the dedicated system. For more information about broadcast times, please call us
                            at (866)237-0837 or emal us at ftorcdj@fullthrottle-orc.com with your questions. Also, as a commemoration of the launch of the
                            new station there is a sticker available at www.zazzle.com/ftorc1.  
4.16.09 - Full Throttle radio on air
                                   Offial airing of the Full Throttle radio network takes to the internet. This station will be boasting LIVE hosts, and extensive
                            music libraries. We will be airing a multitude of genres, ranging from new age to rap. This will help cater to our vast lifestyle choices
                            and personalities between our members. To put it short, whatever it is your looking to hear simply wait and it will probably play. We
                            try to keep a wide variety to stay in tune with the current top 40, as well as the personal favorites. There will be LIVE broadcasters
                            from time to time, but generally will be kept on a loop due to the "wired" nature of internet streaming. We are looking to improve our 
                            server system to accomidate the recent changes. The current system tends to have difficulties keeping up with the streaming software
                            in which we are using. The link at this time is very unstable. The broadcasting system is having trouble staying connected to the server
                            where we can be heard. There will remain to be times where we will be broadcasting, but for the time being those are limited. We will
                            be attempting to create a more stable link. During these periods there will be live broadcasts. The transmission will cut in and out. Please
                            bear with us while we adjust the system. Once the "bugs" are worked out, we will be offering 24/7 broadcasting. The service for
                            everyone to listen is free. There is a link located on the radio page. Just follow the "radio" link on the homepage, or the link
                            www.fullthrottle-orc.com/radio for more details. Members with powerful systems may volunteer to be a DJ. Just talk to your local
                            representative for possibilities. A copy of the software will need to be installed on your system, and a time slot will be provided to you.
                            Remember, this is a private channel. There may be explicit language, but we recommend against it.
3.15.09 - Full Throttle Huntington chapter, opens
                                   Under the supervision of the main office, here in ottawa county, a chapter has been opened in Huntington. This will serve as an
                            extension of the Full Throttle family, and not as an independant entity. This chapter will, and is, lead by our current vice president
                            Hillbilly. All the dues collected from that chapter will be included with this chapter's collection. With some rearrangement of the web page,
                            the transactions from both areas will be handled electronically. They are not excluded from our meetings, or events. They are to be
                            treated like every other member. Everything we discuss in our meetings, will be discussed in theirs. I am in continuous contact with
                            that chapter, and keep them up to date with what is decided here. All of the business from their end, will be handled the same as it would
                            from here. For those of you in the Huntington chapter, welcome aboard. We look forward to meeting most of you this August in
                            Indiana. You will have to adjust to the fact that Hillbilly is your president there, but I preside over him. Perhaps after time, confusion
                            will be completely alleviated.
3.07.09 - Full Throttle main page back online
                                   As most of you know already, the server for the web site went down. Due to this, the page had to move to a temporary web server
                            on Dumb-shit.net provided by our own staff member Mike. The rest of the staff thanks you greatly for giving the club a permanent backup
                            service. Granted the address was not a mainstream address, and was not easy to find. But, at least we had a place where we can direct
                            people. For those of you who were unable to locate the page, please save this address in case the server goes down again. Our free server
                            page is located at www.dumb-shit.net/ftorc . This server does not offer email addresses, or a domain. The site will remain there also, for
                            future reference. We appreciate you hanging in there during these times of complication. Also, we have moved back to Ottawa county.
4.13.08 - Full Throttle page goes offline
                                   This bulletin is being posted from another server. Unfortunately, there has been a problem with the server. The site will be down for
                            an unknown period of time. Until then, we will become part of the dumb-shit.net network. I will do my best to keep all of you informed
                            of any updates. Also, for the moment, none of your web hosted emails will work at this time. I will be doing my best to get this issue resolved,
                            and your email addresses back online as soon as possible. There will be a more detailed post included in the message sent to your
                            personal email addresses.
12.28.07 - 1st annual 4x-mas
                                   This year marks the beginning of, hopefully, a new tradition. This event is a combination that was devised as a joint operation from myself
                            and our tech department head. All members are invited, but are required to RSVP your representative. Members are asked to provide
                            at least one side dish (it will be pot luck), bring their 4x4, and it is BYOB! Beginning at 4pm, members are asked to arrive with their rigs
                            ready to wheel. We will be doing winter wheeling (hopefully in the snow), followed by a club dinner. We look forward to making this an
                            annual event. Depending on the members, and feel free to email us, a gift exchange may also be a possibility. Merry Christmas!
11.30.07 - Full Throttle moving to West Virginia?
                                   Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be moving to West Virginia. As I am the president, the club will be moving with me.
                            Fortunately, our membership numbers are low enough to permit this move. Full Throttle typically has a strict guideline on  membership outside
                            an estabolished distance. For those of you who are current members in our Ottawa county area, your membership will not be terminated due to
                            the move. You will remain members, unless of course you breach one of the other rules laid out in the by-laws. For those of you in the
                            Barboursville/Huntington area that is interested in joining, look for us in 2008! I know, I'm moving in November. You have to allow for
                            settle in time. It will take me till January/February to be settled in and set up. As I hear, we already have a new member anxious and waiting
                            for us to arrive. To him I say this, "I look forward to meeting you, and hope we have you as a loyal member for several years to come".
8.01.07 - Attica trip cancelled
                                   Due to poor attendance in the years past, as well as the current year...... The Attica trip is now cancelled. All current members are now
                            required to sign up, and pay in advance. This is a non-refundable trip. Being as such I suggest that if you sign up, you go. This is the second
                            year in a row that all those who signed up, did not go. I am very grateful, however, that you did cancel within the alotted timeframe. As for
                            those who did not sign up, you were not able to go due to you had no reservation. If you had reserved a space, you could have went. As for
                            those who are unfamiliar with the time frame, it is 3 months to cancel and 1 month for valid reason. Not having the money is not a valid reason.
                           When you sign up, thats when you pay. This prevents any conflicts with the inability to pay. Just remember, this is non-refundable. I reserve the
                            space and pay for it. If you cancel, I do not get a refund, so you do not get a refund. The spaces are reserved in advance. If we do not use them,
                            they are not used the entire weekend by anybody. Just remember, you can talk to us. If you tell us what is going on, we may be able to help.
                            Just please, dont wait till the last day.
6.02.07 - Johnson's Island clean up. All members encouraged to help out.
                                  Johnson's Island is having their annual island clean up. All members are encouraged to help, as it is our part to keep our county clean.
                            All the island residents will be greatly appreciative for our contribution. Please contact your club representative for details.
5.19.07 - Members only wheeling. Full Throttle hits the trails @ mon ami.
                                   Full Throttle members have been cordially invited to wheel on mon ami property. This was under special invite, so please remember that
                            we are representing our community and club. If you bring or break anything, please pack it out. This is not a public facility, so if you are
                            interested please call your representative. DO NOT show up unannounced!
4.21.07 - News that the Lion's Back in MOAB has been closed
                                    The Utah state park's contract has ended on the famous landmark. A private owner has purchased the lease on the land to build housing
                             on the surrounding areas. This marks a deafening blow in the off-road community! The Lion's Back is the largest natural formed slickrock in
                             the country. For years, off-road enthusiasts and jeepers alike travel many miles to conquer this obstacle. The new owner has proclaimed that
                             it will be closed due to a liability issue. Please respect his decision and not trespass, as this will reflect on all of us.
3.19.07 - To all members, call to arrange "save east harbor" clean up
                                      A cuyohoga county resident has decided that he wishes the beach to return to how he remembers it. This is not a bad thing. He recalls 
                              years ago that the beach spanned for miles! For those familiar, the East end was closed several years ago after it was washed out from a
                             storm.  The proposal is to "fix" the beach and clean it up for future generations to enjoy. Currently the beach has approximately 1/2 mile
                             useable  beach open, and 3 miles unuseable closed beach. I know that no one man can fix it all, but a small part is a step in the right direction.
                             What we are proposing is to aid in the pursuit by offering our time to clean the beach of refuse, excess weeds, and dead trees.
3.02.07 - Full Throttle goes world wide web